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I went online to chat rooms, not really wanting anything except connection. Men found me interesting. I started feeling differently about myself. I met a man online, married, living in the southern states. Then he said he was going to Maine on business.

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I was attracted to all the attention he was paying me, and by then I was more in touch with my body than ever before. I cared for myself, making sure my toenails were done and my legs were shaved. It was as if a switch had been turned on all of a sudden. Friends said I looked different, so happy. I remember my own first relationship after divorce, rediscovering the pleasures of lust and femininity—things that had imperceptibly seeped away year by year. Only when they returned in a rush of heat and longing did I even realize they had gone. Suddenly, someone declared me beautiful, revelled in my ability to arouse and be aroused, and so the sense of failure was replaced and I was reinvented.

He booked a room for me with a king-size bed and Jacuzzi. His room was on my floor and he was waiting for me. My heart was racing. Walking down that hall toward him was one of the most exciting moments of my life. We kissed a little.

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We went out for dinner. The guilt was overwhelming. I spent the whole day in bed with the curtains drawn. But after about a month he said he was falling in love with me and it was affecting his relationship with his wife, and so he had to end things. Maybe they all say that.

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Do they? Then a year later a name popped up saying hello. Matthew was divorced, a successful lawyer in Florida. We started to write long e-mails.

I opened up a post office box so he could send me real letters and photos—his dog, his kids, house, car, friends. It was a thousand times more intense than with the other guy. The whole package, you know. I got so caught up in having this man in love with me. I went to Florida to visit him. A friend in Kingston, Ont.

I wore a denim Liz Claiborne dress with a scoop neck, really cute. We hung on to each other. We went to a restaurant on the river. I remember looking at his hands, so strong.

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He tasted incredible. Musk, a distant smokiness. He was a good lover. We immersed ourselves in it. It was as if I went to another place. Almost like in a dream. Later we walked around the neighbourhood with his dog, talking and laughing and holding hands.

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A week later I caught the midnight plane home. I cried from the time he said goodbye to when I landed in Ottawa.

I watch across the table at how the romance of it all holds her still. As with the brief Portland affair, the descriptions of dresses, underwear, flowers, how he opened the car door or held her chair, remain in vivid detail. It is still the fairy tale, still dressed with sugared almonds. I recall her comment on how good premarital sex had been, how the taboo of it heightened the thrill, how the thrill dissipated within convention.

No matter what your reason for sitting through a film about a not-so-neat affair, there's more than enough movies to satisfy the urge. Hollywood adores some steamy adultery, so don't feel guilty about enjoying this genre. So what affair movies are top-notch? These movies range from romances to thrillers , but each one has something in common: They're totally extra -marital, that is.

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Warning: There are mild spoilers for Parasite ahead. But I share this story with you to show you, I understand the power of deception. The slow decline of a soul, that stepped further and further away from her Lord and started believing the lies I heard whispered in my mind. The lies we believe are as strong as that day in the garden of Eden with Eve. Satan knew her weak spot.

When watching a few extra episodes has far greater consequences than you might think.

Whether you come from faith and believe the story of Adam and Eve or not, you must admit, if you were the unfaithful spouse, there was some version of that lie spoken to you before you fell too. So we make justifications, and then we take the bait and get entangled in an affair that shows us no mercy. An otherwise loving and devoted spouse, becomes distant and aloof, often before the betrayed spouse knows about their affair. This change is sometimes the catalyst that gets the affair exposed because the betrayed spouse starts suspecting is wrong.

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The wayward spouse pulls away from their spouse, and often, even distancing from their own children to some degree. But it just illustrates the high price that comes from listening to the voice of affair fog. The truth is, everything seems more intense and romantic in an affair. But the reality is, the unfaithful spouse is just in the midst of stage 1 of love affairs, also called the Limerence stage.