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see url Check Internet History. There are ways of completely covering your tracks after download so that the software remains invisible to the user once downloaded. This can be a sticky problem for some. Imagine paying a PI hundreds of dollars an hour for the same probably worse service.

Does China have a backdoor to your phone?

You simply cannot get the truth any easier or as cheaply as this. Using file hashing databases the Guardian and partners were able to see what the authorities were searching for. In our sample most of the files were extremist material such as Dabiq and Inspire, propaganda magazines produced by Isis and al-Qaida, but there was also other content that the Chinese state appears to deem undesirable.

The software appears to have been developed in Nanjing by an arm of the Chinese state-affiliated networking company Fiberhome Networks.

The Guardian is only aware of the app being used at the border crossing between Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan. There are several stages to the border crossing via the Irkeshtam pass, and at one stage travellers are made to unlock and hand over all their devices. Assuming nothing that concerns the guards is found, the officials are supposed to uninstall the app and return the device to the owner.